Introduction to the World of Extase

So you have found the way here. Now you may ask: "What is a Extase show?" It is impossible to answer this question. Although Extase is connecting people and is letting them to find to each other, although Extase is promoting and strengthening the understanding between people, the generations, the races, between black and white, thick and thin, man and woman, Extase is different for each individual. Therefore it also is impossible to answer the question "What is a Extase show". Because each individual will experience Extase in a different way. And who knows how animals are experiencing Extase?!

Therefore it also is very difficult to say generally which way would be the correct one to experience Extase, to see Extase. As a completely unspoiled, virgin person in Extase matters, you should begin to watch the last, lost pictures, because the pictures shown there, are all originating from modern times and are all suitable for people of the present, what actually means the the 90's of the 20th century. For those the pictures should also be generally understandable and harmless. Since the pictures are shown for the first time to the public, no liability for any physical pain or psychological damage can be granted.

So far only the last, lost pictures have been available permanently. Only one of the real shows has been shown, because more of them within a short time are not bearable for the normal human organism. In ascending order one could lose oneself every few weeks in the World of Extase. The understanding of Extase could grow with each picture, with each show. Now all Shows are available at the same time. Nevertheless accept the really good-meant advice to start slowly! After one show you should take a break for at least two days. To watch several shows on one day should remain reserved for experienced Extaticians only. But also for them it is not advisable to excessively enjoy Extase and to devote to the resulting drugged statuses uncontrolled.

However: hold on! Do not give up! Consider that the attraction could be lost forever, if you abort a show. Additionally it is dangerous! Thus be aware of a show, once started, must be watched to the end. Do not ask about the duration of a show. Some Extaticians are already finished after ten minutes, if they are about to barely watch the pictures. Others are losing themselves therein and never return. However both extremes occur rarely and most are in between somewhere, somehow.

Watching the english versions of the shows you may find some pictures hard to understand. This may occur because you haven't thought or trained enough. Another reason can be the translation. All titles - and as far as necessary the contents of the pictures, too - have been translated from german language. But sometimes the german titles had to be paraphrased if there were no suitable english words. An additional problem can be that as an English speaking person you probably won't be very familiar with german culture, prominent figures, movies etc. But that only applies to some pictures and shows, so you shouldn't be bothered to much from this.