Extase History

Based on an idea - better: a mistake - from B. Bardstale, in S. Meier the idea to Extase was developing. In a gale of creativity both worked all night.

The first Extase show was finished and demonstrated in the following days to a selected, very small circle of art enthusiasts, partially consisting of shellfish.

Despite to a large extent destroying criticisms over the first show the two artists continued to work and also could win J. Farmer for their work. The second show was finished after further creative nights. The resonance was comparable with those after the demonstration of the first show.

Bardstale could not bear the negative potential of thoughts and withdrew for the moment. Meier and Farmer finished the third show alone. For the time being a performance did not take place.

The three artists made inspiration journeys respectively looked out of the window, observed the domestic world of animals, made house-economic experiments. Bardstale was a little bit confused. Nevertheless the fourth show was finished.

Bardstale had overcome his confusion and had prepared some completely new techniques. Farmer retired. A change appeared, a change in the global forces. The fifth show.

In the meantime the two remaining artists were concerned with the edge appearances of the life, without making them the elephant. The sixth show was completed in the afternoon.

The three again were united artistically. Extase VII.

Farmer had finally separated, what should turn out later. Meier and Bardstale made education journeys. Despite of different obscure pangs of conscience there was a advent present: Extase IX.

Bardstale took part only sporadically. Admittedly M. Sambibi could be won for the project, but he withdrew after publication of the tenth show again. This should be the last show.

After prolonged restoration the last lost pictures were presented to the world public.

The works to the first show had been completed. Thus the publication of the first show took place in the Internet on this day. All pictures were shown restored and unchanged.

Without large sympathy of the world public the restored version of the second show was presented.

With the third show there were problems with copyright. A certain Lehmann stressed rights at some pictures. These have not been published.

With the fourth show the poems were omitted. Possibly once there will be a lyric Extase.

For the first time experimental animals were used before publication. The consequences were devastating. The fifth show had to be shortened therefore for safety reasons around some Bardstale pictures and so became the shortest show at all.

This time everything went smoothly. The restoration of the sixth show ran problem-free.

Without mentioning the adversities: Here is the seventh show.

Some minorities discriminating pictures were rejected. But the ninth show published now contains the legendary Bardstale Cartoons.

The restoration of the tenth and so far last Extase show was completed.

The next step to total Extase: The shows I to X are available now simultaneously.

A day, which will enter history. In the context of a large sized presentation Extase XI was demonstrated for the first time to a selected circle of Extatics. This was the first show, which was not created by the old Extase team, but also by humans, who let themselves be inspired from the initial idea of Extase and they continued with it. All published pictures were less than one year old. The experiences and reactions were multilayered, but the expected tenor: " Is this still Extase? " was missing.

Extase XI was put to the disposal of the world public for the first time via Internet.

Extase now has its own Internet Domain: www.mwde.de and thus can be presented - briefly before publication of the twelfths show - professionally and up-to-date.

After he had already threatened for weeks that finally Extase will come now, the Meier was beautifully busy to accommodate all the contributions, that were arriving at short notice, staging them effectively. There the originally planned concept had to be restructured several times and some to be shifted...

The world isn't ready for Extase, yet. The whole world? Let's see what happens if the english speaking world gets acquainted with Extase. This was the day of the publication of Extase in english language.

Unfortunately many extaticians retired from their activities, so that Meier had to revert to his own extatic creativity. Only a few (old) extaticians - first of all the matchless H. Maltor - were taking part in the new project. Nevertheless the promise could be kept, to publish Extase 13 this year.

Already two days later there was the english version.