Extase IV
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The three artists made inspiration journeys respectively looked out of the window, observed the domestic world of animals, made house-economic experiments. Bardstale was a little bit confused. Nevertheless the fourth show was finished.

With the fourth show the poems were omitted. Possibly once there will be a lyric Extase.

As far as possible after the Extase experience, I want you to write down your experiences, feelings and criticisms and mail them to me. In the case of having special experiences or feelings about one specific picture or if you just want to announce your opinion, click on this picture, as the topic mention the title of the picture and write. If you don't want your comments to be published, mention that, too. I will respect this decision.

If somebody has further questions, Meier will try to answer them all. Every conceivable aspect of Extase is described by Anja !